Scouting Report: Jordan Fuller – 2016 Athlete

Every coach wants players that are technically sound, but I like players who play multiple positions more than just one even if that player isn’t as polished as some others. Most of the time that just means the upside can be that much greater once the right position is chosen for them at the next level.

Old Tappan High athlete Jordan Fuller is capable of playing multiple positions at the next level, but I believe his greatest upside is on the defensive side of the ball. I think he has a very bright future as a safety, but time will tell if that is position he ultimately ends up sticking at in college.

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Scouting Report: David Long – 2016 Cornerback

It’s not anything new that most players are a lot shorter in real life than what is listed in the game program. It shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone that Loyola (CA) cornerback David Long wasn’t as tall as he was originally listed.

Long’s elite athletic traits more than make up for the couple of inches, though. He’s a fantastic prospect that is outstanding in man coverage no matter how tall he actually is

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Scouting Report: Sean McGrew – 2016 Running Back

When you’re not the biggest football player, you need to be exceptional in other areas to make up for it. Fortunately, St. John Bosco running back Sean McGrew has some exceptional traits that make up for him not being the prototype in terms of his size.

He committed to the University of Washington yesterday and he has the chance to become an awesome weapon in Chris Petersen’s offense.

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Scouting Report: Clark Yarbrough – 2016 Offensive Tackle

No matter what kind of player they bring in at quarterback, even a guy who can sling it as well as K.J. Costello, Stanford’s identity on offense is always going to be defined by what their offensive line play. Playing nasty as an offensive lineman seems to be just as important of a pre-requisite for playing for the Cardinal as having a high ACT score.

Woodberry Forrest (Virginia) offensive tackle Clark Yarbrough should fit right in with rest of the offensive linemen at Stanford. He has the same kind of edge to his game that David Shaw loves and Yarbrough’s commitment is just another nice piece to what is looking like a potentially great class.

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Scouting Report: Jaylon Jones – 2016 Cornerback

College football is a numbers game in that, even with 85 scholarships, there is always juggling going on when it comes to the roster. If a coaching staff misses on recruiting enough players at a position a couple of years in a row, their season could be crippled with one or two injuries at that position.

It’s a big reason why versatility is more valuable than ever in recruiting and it’s what makes Jaylon Jones such coveted recruit. The Allen, Texas native has the skill set to play both safety positions, but he also can line up on the outside as corner and be very effective in man coverage.

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Scouting Report: Parker Boudreaux – 2016 Guard

Offensive linemen rarely get attention from the media and when they do, it often has more to do with things outside of football rather than their play on the field. Even though Parker Boudreaux is a highly ranked guard prospect with over 70 reported scholarship offers, he is probably more known for his resemblance to WWE star Brock Lesnar than for his skills on the field.

There should be a far greater appreciation for how he plays though because Boudreaux gets after it on the football field. He’s a mauling run blocker with a ton of potential to be a great player at the next level.

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Scouting Report: Carter Coughlin – 2016 Linebacker

The state of Minnesota isn’t littered with blue chip recruits every year and the 4 and 5 star recruits they do have are often targeted by schools with a more glamorous tradition and a higher level of success than the in-state Golden Gophers.

That’s why it’s a very big deal that Jerry Kill and his staff were able to land a player like Eden Prairie linebacker Carter Coughlin. Even with national champion Ohio State after him, they were able to convince him to stay home to get his degree and play college football.

They are getting a very good football player who could play multiple roles for them at the next level. Coughlin has the chance to develop into one of the Big Ten’s best linebackers.

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Scouting Report: Cohl Cabral – 2016 Guard

It’s always assumed that any kid from southern California that gets a USC offer is destined to choose the Trojans, but that was not the case with Cohl Cabral. The athletic offensive lineman from Los Osos High in Rancho Cucamonga recently announced his commitment Arizona State instead despite having a USC offer.

Cabral has outstanding athletic tools and even though he may not be the highest rated offensive lineman out west right now, his ceiling is right up there with just about any other prospect that is currently committed to any team in the Pac-12.

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Scouting Report: Jett Duffey – 2016 Quarterback

In football, they often say that the tape doesn’t lie. As someone who watches a lot of tape of recruits, I wholeheartedly agree with that statement.

However, I will say that the tape doesn’t always tell the whole story. It can’t always give an indication of what level of a competitor a recruit is and it also definitely doesn’t tell you how hard a player is willing to work to improve.

I can see from his film that quarterback Jett Duffey is not a big time prospect and why he has a lack of FBS offers. Separately from that though, I also know what kind of competitor and how much he wants to get better by him competing in three Opening regional camps, earning the quarterback MVP at two of them, before ultimately earning a ticket to the Elite 11 and The Opening finals in July. He’ll have another chance to get better and turn some heads, garner more interest, and hopefully earn some more offers.

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Scouting Report: Kenney Lyke – 2016 Safety

High school tape isn’t the best when it comes to evaluating safeties to see if they can make the jump to the college level. It’s rare to ever get an all-22 type of look from the video guy and there end up being a lot of plays that you have to rewind over and over again to see that glimpse of the safety you are watching pop into the screen.

That’s the case a lot of the time when watching Kenney Lyke on film. You just want to see more to get a proper evaluation of him in all areas. What you do see from him is very encouraging though. That’s why programs like Penn State and Notre Dame have offered the Fremd High (Palantine, Illinois) product.

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