Scouting Report: Chauncey Manac – 2016 Defensive End

Sometimes in recruiting, the physical tools outweigh the skills that a prospect shows on the field. That is the case with Georgia commit Chauncey Manac. He is built like a player who is ready to play college football now, but his potential far outweighs what kind of player he is currently.

He could end up being a great one in the SEC East if he puts it all together while in Athens.

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Scouting Report: Mark Jackson – 2016 Edge Player

Texas A&M might not have played very good defense the last couple of seasons, but I don’t think that is going to be a lasting trend the way they have recruited defensive studs the last few years. Mark Jackson is just the latest talented addition to their front seven.

The SEC is a line of scrimmage league and Jackson can make an impact behind the line with his awesome athleticism for the Aggies.

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Scouting Report: Frederick Mauigoa – 2016 Guard

If programs are looking for diamonds in the rough, American Samoa is not a bad place to look. Frederick Mauigoa has already started to shine through with his performance at Opening regionals in Hawaii and Oregon that eventually earned him an invite to The Opening finals next week.

As expected, he is raw, but the tools are there for him to be a good offensive lineman at the next level.

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Scouting Report: Brock Wright – 2017 Tight End

The “Tight End U” label for Notre Dame has proven to be pretty accurate and the tradition at the position looks like it will continue with their latest commitment, 2017 tight end Brock Wright.

Wright is the top ranked tight end from the class right now and it’s easy to see why. He would be a top five tight end right now for the 2016 cycle and is a big time pickup for Notre Dame.

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Scouting Report: Nick Starkel – 2016 Quarterback

Nick Starkel is one of the many Elite 11 quarterbacks this year who isn’t exactly a high profile recruit. He didn’t have a boatload of offers before he committed to Oklahoma State back in April, but now he has the last laugh and is headed to Oregon for the Elite 11 finals.

He has some intriguing traits that should translate well to the Cowboys offense.

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Scouting Report: Elysee Mbem-Bosse – 2016 Linebacker

Thank goodness that Google remembers previous searches because remembering how to properly spell the name Elysee Mbem-Bosse is not an easy task. It’s about as easy as a fullback trying to run iso at Mbem-Bosse. (It’s difficult.)

Mbem-Bosse is a throwback, physical inside linebacker that plays downhill. He has the tools to be an outstanding run defender at the next level.

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Scouting Report: Kevin Stepherson – 2016 Wide Receiver

The top wide receiver prospects in the nation all seem to have one thing in common: they move differently than everybody else. They have a different level of speed and ability to cut that’s better than the players below them.

I see those uncommon traits that the top ranked receivers have in new Notre Dame commit Kevin Stepherson. I’m completely stumped as to why he is so underrated, but I have a feeling that won’t last forever. His commitment to Notre Dame will hopefully open up some eyes to him because there is a reason he had offers from schools like LSU and Florida as well. He’s a really good prospect and Notre Dame is getting a steal in my opinion.

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