Scouting Report: Charles Wiley – 2016 Edge Player

Ole Miss has had it’s fair share of successful players over the years, but I think most college football fans know them better for The Grove than they do for just about anyone who doesn’t have the last name Manning.

Hugh Freeze is trying to change that though and the Rebels are building up a nasty defense led by a dominating front four. Stockbridge, Georgia’s Charles Wiley should fit right in with what they’ve been doing on defense and has the tools to one day terrorize quarterbacks in the SEC.

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Scouting Report: Demario McCall – 2016 Running Back

With the top back in the nation, Kareem Walker,  already committed to them, Ohio State certainly didn’t need to have another elite back in this recruiting class. Them adding North Ridgeville’s Demario McCall almost seems unfair.

McCall is great compliment to the power back they are getting in Walker and they should eventually make for a tremendous one-two punch in Columbus.

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Scouting Report: Jeffrey McCulloch – 2016 Linebakcer

Every talent evaluator loves to mention a players length, but that length means nothing unless a player knows how to use it.

Fortunately, Aldine Davis linebacker Jeffrey McCulloch already knows how to take advantage of the physical gifts he has and it’s one skill that makes him one of the top linebacker prospects in the nation in this recruiting cycle.

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Scouting Report: Rashard Lawrence – 2016 Defensive Tackle

I know a lot of people who are critical of scouting hate when the words special or elite get thrown around when describing players. I really don’t care what they think though.

Rashard Lawrence is elite. He is a special prospect. He has the talent to be an immediate difference maker at the college level and that’s extremely rare. So in this case, elite and special fit him and fit him well.

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Scouting Report: Matt Fink – 2016 Quarterback

Scheme fit is important for every prospect, but having a quarterback that doesn’t fit the scheme you want to run is basically a waster scholarship.

When I watched Matt Fink‘s film, all I could think about is how important it is for him to be put in the right scheme in order for him to succeed. He may develop into a quarterback that can fit into any scheme, but for right now he needs to go to a program that can take advantage of his athletic talent.

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Scouting Report: Patrick O’Brien – 2016 Quarterback

I can’t explain it, but for some reason I get just as excited about watching recruits with zero offers as I do watching the ones who have thirty. Maybe it’s wanting to see something that someone hasn’t noticed yet.

It’s not like quarterback Patrick O’Brien has gone completely unnoticed. He may have no scholarship offers at this point, but he also won the quarterback MVP award at The Opening regional in LA. Based on what I have seen, scholarship offers should eventually be coming his way.

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Scouting Report: Julian Okwara – 2016 Edge Player

Everybody wants to land recruits that can rush the passer and everyone wants those players to fit the measurements that they are looking for in terms of his size and athleticism.

When you combine the physical tools with relentless effort, that’s when you have a chance to have a special player. That’s what you get with Julian Okwara. He needs time to develop, but he’s a playmaker that never stops pursuing the football.

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Scouting Report: Dontavious Jackson – 2016 Linebacker

Whenever there is a linebacker that is as big as Dontavious Jackson is as a high school player, there is always a little bit of worry  that the player may be a little bit tight as an athlete.

It doesn’t take long to watch Jackson and realize that it shouldn’t be a concern. He moves like a much smaller player and still hits like a truck. That’s why he’s one of the top linebacker recruits in the nation.

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