About this site:

This is a site filled with scouting reports on the top high school football prospects in America. Now that we live in a day and age where film is readily available on most prospects, we don’t have to simply rely on team sites and the major recruiting sites for information on these future college football players.

With my background as someone who has played and coached football at the college and high school level and also someone who has worked in the sports media, I decided to launch this site that promises to independently evaluate as many prospects as I can and add additional content that relates to college football recruiting.

Who am I?

I’m Jamie Uyeyama, a former college football player that was a way too small defensive tackle at Idaho State University and a more appropriately sized rush end at Simon Fraser University. I also coached football at the college and high school level. I also studied European history in university.

In addition to this site, I also evaluate Virginia Tech commits over at VTScoop.com (part of the 247Sports network of sites), write about recruiting for SB Nation’s Notre Dame site, One Foot Down, and am the Pac-12 football recruiting editor at for SB Nation’s Pac-12 blog, Pacific Takes.

I previously worked in sports media and am the former Sr. Editor, Digital Content and News for theScore.com which was the home at the time to The Basketball Jones (now NBA.com’s The Starters), Justin Bourne’s Backhand Shelf blog, Drunk Jays Fans and many other great writers.

Why “Son of a coach’?

My Dad, Ron Uyeyama, is my inspiration for so many things in life and especially for my love of football. My Dad is a member of the Delta Sports Hall of Fame and was a very successful high school football coach for over 30 years. He has coached over 80 players who have played at the college level and 7 who have played in the NFL and CFL.

I always had the advantage as a player to learn from him at a young age and learned even more from him when I became a young coach. We are a proud football family, my cousin also played college football and is the head strength and conditioning coach for the San Francisco 49ers, and football lives within us. I consider myself extremely lucky to be the son of a football coach.