Scouting Report: Jonathon Cooper – 2016 Defensive End

With most players there is an “if” attached to them as to whether or not they are actually going to become great at the next level. With Ohio State commit Jonathon Cooper as a pass rusher, it’s more of a “when”.

Everything I see from him shows me he can develop into a double digit sack guy at the college level and he is still scratching the surface as to how good he can be.

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Scouting Report: Mark Jackson – 2016 Edge Player

Texas A&M might not have played very good defense the last couple of seasons, but I don’t think that is going to be a lasting trend the way they have recruited defensive studs the last few years. Mark Jackson is just the latest talented addition to their front seven.

The SEC is a line of scrimmage league and Jackson can make an impact behind the line with his awesome athleticism for the Aggies.

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Scouting Report: Tomon Fox – 2016 Edge Player

I always say that scheme fit is so important for a football player and I believe that recruits really need to think how they might fit into a college football program’s scheme and have that be an important factor into their decision making process when it comes to the on the field part of the equation.

Scheme fit is just as important for a recruit at his high school because he needs to be in a scheme that best showcases what his skills are so he can be recruited. Tomon Fox isn’t in a great scheme that suits his skills at his high school so it doesn’t quite show what he is capable of. I’d love to see him in a scheme where he could line up wide at the next level because I think he has the potential to become a very good edge rusher. Continue reading “Scouting Report: Tomon Fox – 2016 Edge Player”

Scouting Report: Antonneous Clayton – 2016 Edge Player

It’s amazing that so many of the talented edge rusher prospects that are great athletes are also slow reacting off the football. They are fast runners, but don’t react like they should when the ball is snap.

Antonneous Clayton is one of the exceptions. He’s a great athlete for the position and gets off the football like gangbusters. He has offers from some of the top schools in the nation and could end up being the best pass rusher to emerge from the 2016 recruiting class.

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Scouting Report: Isaac Garcia – 2016 Edge Player

The state of Washington never gets enough credit for the talent they produce every year in recruiting and Bellevue tends to be a big part of that talent on a regular basis. It’s consistently one of the top high school football programs in the nation and has the FBS recruits every year to further prove it.

Isaac Garcia is one of the top players from the state and from Bellevue in this cycle and has already committed to USC. They project him on defense and he shows the signs of being a very good run defender at the next level.

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Scouting Report: Erick Fowler – 2016 Edge Player

Undersized pass rushers need other traits to make them effective and Erick Fowler has all of those traits programs are looking for to make up for him not being the ideal size.

The Manor, Texas native has explosive qualities he can bring off the edge and it’s why he is such a coveted recruit for programs like Texas, LSU, and Alabama.

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Scouting Report: Charles Wiley – 2016 Edge Player

Ole Miss has had it’s fair share of successful players over the years, but I think most college football fans know them better for The Grove than they do for just about anyone who doesn’t have the last name Manning.

Hugh Freeze is trying to change that though and the Rebels are building up a nasty defense led by a dominating front four. Stockbridge, Georgia’s Charles Wiley should fit right in with what they’ve been doing on defense and has the tools to one day terrorize quarterbacks in the SEC.

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Scouting Report: Julian Okwara – 2016 Edge Player

Everybody wants to land recruits that can rush the passer and everyone wants those players to fit the measurements that they are looking for in terms of his size and athleticism.

When you combine the physical tools with relentless effort, that’s when you have a chance to have a special player. That’s what you get with Julian Okwara. He needs time to develop, but he’s a playmaker that never stops pursuing the football.

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Scouting Report: Xavier Kelly – 2016 Edge Player

My favorite part about breaking down recruits is breaking down what they need to improve on. Not because it’s fun to nitpick what they are doing wrong, but because I know that if they do improve in those areas, their ceiling is going to be through the roof.

Xavier Kelly was a Kansas State commit and has been recently blowing up with offers from programs like Oregon, TCU, Michigan, and Notre Dame. He hasn’t even taken the stairs to the second floor yet with his development so he likely has no clue where the ceiling is for himself. It’s way, way up there and that’s why all of these programs are excited about what he can become.

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