Scouting Report: Ron Johnson – 2016 Edge Player

There are times when I watch film of some highly ranked recruits and then are left wondering what all the hype is about. By the end of breaking that player down, I’m left underwhelmed.

After watching some early games from Camden, New Jersey’s Ron Johnson from his junior season, I didn’t know what to make of him. I saw potential, but also saw someone who was extremely raw and a little unsure of himself on the football field. I saw the light come on for Johnson as the season progressed and it became clear why he’s an edge player that programs like Alabama, Ohio State, Penn State and Notre Dame are excited about.

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Scouting Report: Auston Robertson – 2016 Defensive End

As someone who follows and writes about Notre Dame recruiting, I have heard Auston Robertson‘s name for quite awhile. I was really excited about breaking down his film.

After watching it, I certainly saw some exciting potential and the Fort Wayne, Indiana native has great raw tools to work with. I also saw that he has a long way to go before realizing that potential at the next level.

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Scouting Report: Brian Burns – 2016 Edge Player

There are a lot of unattractive things about the recruiting process for high school football players. Things like ego and false promises can often put a damper on what should be an exciting time for recruits.

I believe the good things far outweigh the negatives of the process though and one thing I love is seeing players rise up in the rankings and earn offers by showing what they can do. That’s exactly what Brian Burns did this past weekend in Miami at The Opening regional where he earned an invite to the national event that will take place in July.

He showed exciting potential as an edge rusher and I expect he’ll be receiving even more attention over the next few months as more programs take notice of him.

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Scouting Report: Rahshaun Smith – 2016 Edge Player

Anyone who follows national recruiting knows about the kind of talent that has been assembled at IMG Academy in Florida this year. The 2016 prospects alone could make for a damn good recruiting class for several schools.

Rahshaun Smith is a recent transfer into IMG from St. Frances Academy in Baltimore and is one of the top edge players in this recruiting class. Whether he plays defensive end or outside linebacker at the next level, he has the potential to develop into an impact player.

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Scouting Report: Janarius Robinson – 2016 Edge Player

When projecting the future for recruits, what position they are eventually going to play isn’t always where they are currently playing for their high school team. That’s definitely the case with Janarius Robinson, who has the body type and athleticism that projects to the edge in college, but played more of an interior role in his high school’s defense.

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Scouting Report: Mathieu Betts – 2015 Edge Player

There’s a prospect from Canada this year that’s getting a ton of buzz and has offers from most of the top schools in America. Neville Gallimore is one of the top defensive tackle recruits in the 2015 class and it’s obvious why. Any 300 pound player that can move like he does is going to get a lot attention.

But there is another defensive lineman from Canada who might be an even better prospect. He may not have the offers that Gallimore has, but Montreal, Quebec’s Mathieu Betts is an outstanding prospect that way more programs should know about.

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Scouting Report: Shane Simmons – 2016 Edge Player

Long before James Franklin and Randy Esdall had started in their current jobs, Penn State has pretty much owned the state of Maryland in recruiting. Former defensive line coach Larry Johnson continually nabbed most of the top prospects from there year after year while the University of Maryland struggled to keep those players from leaving the state.

Franklin has continued to make Maryland a priority and already has commitments from 4 star 2015 recruits like Kamonte Carter and Adam McLean. (McLean ended up de-committing. )He added an even bigger piece in the 2016 class from local powerhouse program DeMatha in 2016 defensive end Shane Simmons.

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Scouting Report: Bo Wallace – 2015 Edge Player

Notre Dame doesn’t grab a ton of talent out of Louisiana so it’s always news if they can go in and earn a commitment from a player from a program as successful as John Curtis. It’s even better news for Notre Dame that their most recent commitment from the Bayou State is an edge rusher, a spot they badly needed to fill in this recruiting class.

Bo Wallace is not a plug and play type of fit for the Irish, but shows all the traits to develop into a very good pass rusher later in his college career.

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Scouting Report – Breland Brandt – 2016 Edge Player

UCLA might be coming off a heartbreaking loss to Utah, but they came out of the weekend with some very exciting news with the commitment of one of the top edge rushers in the class of 2016.

Windward High’s Breland Brandt is pretty raw as a football player, but has the kind of exciting athleticism that make him look like a future star on the defensive side of the ball.

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SoaC Position Rankings: Top 10 Edge Rushers for 2015

The most interesting thing about edge rushers in high school is that players can win rushing the passer with athleticism, speed, or power and not have to worry too much about technique.

At the college level it’s not nearly as easy. (And in the NFL, you better be good at everything to succeed as an edge rusher.)

All of these eleven players (spoiler alert: I had a tie at the ten spot) have the potential be great pass rushers at the next level and if they keep adding the necessary technique to go with their athletic ability, then they can become the kind of pass rushers that impact the game at the college level.

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