Scouting Report: Terrance Davis – 2016 Guard

Bigger guys beat up smaller guys. It’s not an ancient Chinese proverb, but it’s made sense since the dawn of time. So if you’re looking for a reason why Terrance Davis is a coveted offensive line recruit, look no further than how big he is right now.

He has the size to be a bully in the run game and schools like Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, and Michigan would love for him to be their bully the next four years or so.

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Scouting Report: Landon Dickerson – 2016 Offensive Tackle

Versatility is something that is often said about offensive linemen, but any offensive lineman that can be described that way brings a ton of value to a college football program.

That’s exactly how I would describe Landon Dickerson. He is a swing candidate on the offensive line that could actually project to play all five position on the offensive line at the next level.

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Scouting Report: Frederick Mauigoa – 2016 Guard

If programs are looking for diamonds in the rough, American Samoa is not a bad place to look. Frederick Mauigoa has already started to shine through with his performance at Opening regionals in Hawaii and Oregon that eventually earned him an invite to The Opening finals next week.

As expected, he is raw, but the tools are there for him to be a good offensive lineman at the next level.

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Scouting Report: Michael Onwenu – 2016 Guard

Michael Onwenu seems like a perfect fit for Jim Harbaugh’s first full recruiting class. A monster interior lineman should be the perfect fit for the identity of Harbaugh’s future Michigan teams.

The big guard from Cass Tech has all of the tools to be a great fit, but needs some work in order to be that. If he puts it all together, though, he will be talked about as a foundational player for the new old school era of Michigan football.

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Scouting Report: Parker Boudreaux – 2016 Guard

Offensive linemen rarely get attention from the media and when they do, it often has more to do with things outside of football rather than their play on the field. Even though Parker Boudreaux is a highly ranked guard prospect with over 70 reported scholarship offers, he is probably more known for his resemblance to WWE star Brock Lesnar than for his skills on the field.

There should be a far greater appreciation for how he plays though because Boudreaux gets after it on the football field. He’s a mauling run blocker with a ton of potential to be a great player at the next level.

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Scouting Report: Cohl Cabral – 2016 Guard

It’s always assumed that any kid from southern California that gets a USC offer is destined to choose the Trojans, but that was not the case with Cohl Cabral. The athletic offensive lineman from Los Osos High in Rancho Cucamonga recently announced his commitment Arizona State instead despite having a USC offer.

Cabral has outstanding athletic tools and even though he may not be the highest rated offensive lineman out west right now, his ceiling is right up there with just about any other prospect that is currently committed to any team in the Pac-12.

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Scouting Report: Deonte Brown – 2016 Guard

There aren’t a lot of major changes in recruiting from year to year as far a team success goes. Every once in awhile a program will come out of nowhere and land an unexpectedly great class, but for the most part, the rich get richer and everybody else stays around the same area.

There hasn’t been a consistently more successful football program on the field or in recruiting than Alabama since Nick Saban came to Tuscaloosa and it’s not stopping any time soon. They are putting together another awesome offensive line class and picked up another stud guard in Deonte Brown.

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Scouting Report: Chris Owens – 2016 Guard

It never stops with Alabama. After an unbelievable haul of interior line talent last cycle they have kept it going with more additions this year like Lamar High’s (Arlington, Texas) Chris Owens.

He has the kind of athleticism offensive line coaches dream of working with in an NFL frame. He’s another terrific pickup for the Tide that will ensure they don’t stop running the ball well any time soon.

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Scouting Report: Toleafoa “Sean” Auwae – 2016 Guard

Toleafoa “Sean” Auwae went in to The Opening LA regional camp as a fairly unknown prospect with zero power five offers. After winning the offensive line MVP award at the event, he quickly received his first two from Texas Tech and Washington State.

There will be others for the big man from Hawaii. The arrowing is definitely pointing up for Auwae, who still has a long way to go with his development.

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