Scouting Report: Baveon Johnson – 2016 Center

Unique names are not a unique thing in recruiting so a name like Baveon Johnson might not even sniff an all-name team in recruiting. Forget his name though because Johnson is an All-American level talent as an interior lineman.

He proved it with a dominating performance at the The Opening regional camp in Orland and will get to prove it again at The Opening finals in July.

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Scouting Report: John Raridon – 2016 Guard

It’s a pretty confusing time right now if you’re a Nebraska fan and even more confusing if you’re a Nebraska commit. The Cornhuskers fired Bo Pelini for being very good, but not great, and left a bunch of players and commits angry and unsure of what’s next.

Whoever comes in to coach in Lincoln next season, their priority number one for the 2016 recruiting class is to make sure they keep the commitment of John Raridon.

Raridon is a Cornhusker legacy and one of the best guards in the nation. If Nebraska hangs onto him, they are getting a heck of a prospect that could develop into a dominant player for multiple seasons.

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Scouting Report: Zach Robertson – 2015 Guard

The best quarterback in the nation better have a pretty good offensive line to protect him. Josh Rosen had a pretty great lineman in current USC freshman Damien Mama and Zach Robertson is still around this season helping keep the pocket clean for St. John Bosco.

He’s one of the top offensive line recruits on the west coast and is likely going to be playing ball in college there in the Pac-12.

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Scouting Report: Zach Okun – 2015 Guard

When first looking at Zach Okun without pads on, the initial assessment would not be entirely positive. He has what many people would call a “bad body”.

But you can throw all that out the window once you put the tape on. This kid is a heck of a football player that is physical and agile. After a couple of years in Oregon’s strength and conditioning program, he has the chance to be a great interior linemen in the Pac-12.

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SoaC Position Rankings: Top 10 Centers/Guards for 2015

No one ever hypes the guys who play the interior of the offensive line. They are easily the least glamorous position players on the field to many observers. They also look like the least athletic players on the field too.

Well, screw that. These guys deserved to be hyped. The top ten guys in this class are pretty darn good athletes and they are all going to be valuable players at the college level.

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Scouting Report: Kendrick Norton – 2015 Guard

There are a ton of kids who play offensive and defensive line in high school, but it’s rare that a kid has the skills to project to play both on both sides of the ball in the trenches at the college level. Kendrick Norton fits as one of those rare unicorns that could end up being a good player at defensive tackle or as an offensive guard.

His future at one position or the other all depends on what team he signs with, but ultimately I think he will end up at guard where he has the chance to be an elite player at the position.

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Scouting Report: Kyonta Stallworth – 2015 Guard

Everyone would love to have 300 pound monster guard that you could plug in and play right away at the college level, but that is just not the reality in many cases and it’s no different for Kyonta Stallworth.

The Michigan State commit is nowhere close to being ready to play guard at a high level in the Big Ten any time soon. That doesn’t mean though that he isn’t on the right trajectory to do so though. This kid has big time potential to be an athletic mauler in East Lansing and should grow into a complete player for the Spartans as an interior lineman.

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Scouting Report: Conner Dyer – 2015 Offensive Guard

Believe it or not, there can be a flashy element to offensive line play. Having great feet and a ridiculously huge wingspan can be considered “sexy” in terms of measurables.

Conner Dyer does not fit into the flashy category and that’s just fine with me. He is a pack your lunch type of player that plays with great effort and has solid technique. That’s what is going to make him a very good player at Texas Tech that has position versatility.

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Scouting Report: Tyler Jordan – 2015 Guard

Being labeled a technician as an offensive lineman may be considered a bad thing in some circles, but to me, I couldn’t think of a higher compliment. It basically labels an o-lineman as someone who consistently does their job. Isn’t that what being an o-lineman is all about?

Florida commit Tyler Jordan is someone I see as a technician. He doesn’t blow you away with his physicality. He just consistently puts himself in the right position to succeed in addition to playing with great effort. Add both of those things together and Gator fans should be excited about Jordan’s addition to their recruiting class.

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Scouting Report: Brandon Kennedy – 2015 Guard

One thing I learned at The Opening is that the interior defensive linemen in this class are as good as I thought. I also learned that there are some very good interior offensive line prospects in this class who can hold their own against some of the higher rated guys. Players like Fred Ulu-Perry and Tommy Hatton really opened some eyes last week with how they competed.

Brandon Kennedy is another interior offensive lineman I like a lot that is going to have to battle some of those guys at all-star games and in the years ahead in a conference like the SEC. There are a lot of big, athletic dudes who are going to be very good college football players in this recruiting class and Kennedy deserves to be mentioned with a lot of them. He has the chance to develop into a nasty interior lineman at the next level.

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