Scouting Report: Vavae Malepeai – 2016 Running Back

Skill players from the state of Hawaii never get the benefit of the doubt, even though they have produced a fair number of great ones at the college level.

Vavae Malepeai had to go out and earn respect in the camp circuit and did so by earning an invite to The Opening Finals and then performing well there. He deserves to be mentioned with the top backs in the nation and has all of the tools to be another outstanding running back at the University of Oregon.

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Scouting Report: Sean McGrew – 2016 Running Back

When you’re not the biggest football player, you need to be exceptional in other areas to make up for it. Fortunately, St. John Bosco running back Sean McGrew has some exceptional traits that make up for him not being the prototype in terms of his size.

He committed to the University of Washington yesterday and he has the chance to become an awesome weapon in Chris Petersen’s offense.

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Scouting Report: Melquise Stovall – 2016 Athlete

Small backs like Melquise Stovall always get stereotyped as finesse players who excel out in space rather than in tight quarters. Stovall has speed and lateral agility to be awesome when out in space, but it’s his ability as an inside runner that smashes the stereotype that is put on small running backs.

He packs power to go with great feet and vision that help him excel wherever he is handed or catches the football. He’s one of the most exciting prospects to watch on the west coast in this recruiting class and another great pickup for USC.

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Scouting Report: Matt Falcon – 2016 Running Back

Remember when Rich Rod took over in Ann Arbor and people kept saying things like “This isn’t your father’s Michigan”? Now that Jim Harbaugh is there, it’s once again your father’s Michigan.

Harbaugh is Harbaugh. They are going to be a downhill running team that runs inside the tackles and and they’ll need a big back to accomplish that. He’s hoping Matt Falcon can be that for the Wolverines after he chose Michigan over offers from schools like Oregon, Arkansas, Tennessee, Arizona State.

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Scouting Report: Demario McCall – 2016 Running Back

With the top back in the nation, Kareem Walker,  already committed to them, Ohio State certainly didn’t need to have another elite back in this recruiting class. Them adding North Ridgeville’s Demario McCall almost seems unfair.

McCall is great compliment to the power back they are getting in Walker and they should eventually make for a tremendous one-two punch in Columbus.

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Scouting Report: Demetric Felton – 2016 Athlete

UCLA has recruited well since Jim Mora has been in charge of the program, but they are finally starting to look like they could be neck and neck with USC for recruiting in southern California. One thing that has helped them out a lot has been establishing a pipeline with Ground Zero Athletes and it’s helped them land top linebackers Breland Brandt, Lokeni Toailoa, and Krys Barnes as well as an explosive athlete like Demetric Felton.

Felton is the type of player they failed to land in their previous recruiting class and is a great pickup for the Bruins.

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Scouting Report: Elijah Holyfield – 2016 Running Back

In what should be a surprise to no one, Elijah Holyfied packs more power than most other running backs that are the same size. When you consider what his father Evander Holyfield was like as a undersized heavyweight boxer, that should have almost been expected.

Elijah is one of the top running backs in the 2016 recruiting class and has all of the necessary tools to be a big time player at the next level.

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Scouting Report: Tony Jones Jr. – 2016 Running Back

I’m definitely not in the camp of “recruiting rankings mean nothing”, but I do believe that rankings before the summer of someone’s senior season can largely be ignored. Too many great players are not properly rated for many reasons.

I under there are reasons why Tony Jones Jr. is not a composite 4 star running back right now according to his rankings, but his junior film says blue chip to me. A back with his size that can cut like him puts him in that category for me and that’s also likely a reason why he is heading to The Opening in July.

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Scouting Report: Chase Lucas – 2016 Running Back

Sometimes the difference between really good and elite can be really slim. With a running back recruit, if he does not have the speed to break long runs, then chances are that he will never be considered elite.

I don’t know if I’d put Chase Lucas in the category of elite running backs in this class yet, but he does have that elite trait of being able to take it the distance because of his great speed. He’s one of the top backs in the west in the 2016 recruiting class.

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