Scouting Report: Brady Breeze – 2016 Safety

Any time anyone is looking at football recruits, floors and ceilings are always discussed. It’s not just about how good a player can be, but also what a player is now and definitely will be.

With Oregon safety commit Brady Breeze, it’s all about his floor. The things he does well right now will allow him to at the very least be a solid player at the next level even if he might not have the same ceiling as some other defensive backs.

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Scouting Report: Marquez Callaway – 2016 Athlete

I watched Marquez Callaway‘s junior film and I was a little underwhelmed to be perfectly honest. He certainly looked like a very good prospect, but I was hoping for a bit more.

His sophomore film is a different story. He made a ton of plays and part of the reason was the position he primarily played that season. He is an athlete to projects well to multiple positions, but one in particular really stands out for him to have the highest ceiling.

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Scouting Report: JoeJuan Williams – 2016 Safety

Scheme fit is a constant point of emphasis to me when it comes to evaluating recruits. One prospect may be an All-American caliber of player in one scheme and he may be someone who isn’t suited to start in another.

JoeJuan Williams is someone who can fit in multiple schemes, but at different positions. He can play corner, but likely only in a defense that asks him to play a lot of press. He could be free safety in one that doesn’t. He’ll find the right fit for him and he has the potential to be a great player in the secondary for some lucky college football program.

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Scouting Report: Ikenna Okeke – 2016 Safety

I’ve said it before and I have to say it again after watching film of Ikenna Okeke: safeties are incredibly hard to evaluate. There just isn’t enough film to evaluate of most of them due and most of the time they are strictly coming downhill so it’s tough to evaluate how they match up athletically in terms of opening up their hips and running.

Okeke has some really nice traits that make him someone with a high ceiling, though. That’s why schools like Stanford, Penn State, Tennessee, and Notre Dame have all offered him along with many other programs.

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Scouting Report: Devin Studstill – 2016 Safety

A lot of people get caught up in highlights when watching high school recruits, but I love watching the game by game progression of athletes. Sometimes it’s tough to remember that these kids with so many scholarship offers are still really young and aren’t anywhere near maxed out as to the type of players they can be.

Safety Devin Studstill is a perfect example. He did a lot of nice things early in his junior year, but at some point the light switch turned on and he took it to another level. I’m excited to see what kind of jump he is going to make with his senior film this fall.

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Scouting Report: Lamar Jackson – 2016 Safety

Just one look at Lamar Jackson and it’s easy to see why so many programs are excited about his potential at the next level. He already looks the part of a college football player.

He also flashes traits that make him look like he should already be playing in college as well. He just needs to add the consistency to make him an elite player for right now and beyond.

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Scouting Report: Andrew Pryts – 2016 Safety

Sometimes when a recruit is a legacy at a big school, there is an assumption that that player only got the offer because of the past and not the player they are now. That assumption is definitely wrong with Andrew Pryts.

He is good enough to not only have earned an offer from his father’s university, Penn State, but also programs like Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Michigan. He’s a heck of a football player that is good enough to play at just about any school in country.

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Scouting Report: Kenney Lyke – 2016 Safety

High school tape isn’t the best when it comes to evaluating safeties to see if they can make the jump to the college level. It’s rare to ever get an all-22 type of look from the video guy and there end up being a lot of plays that you have to rewind over and over again to see that glimpse of the safety you are watching pop into the screen.

That’s the case a lot of the time when watching Kenney Lyke on film. You just want to see more to get a proper evaluation of him in all areas. What you do see from him is very encouraging though. That’s why programs like Penn State and Notre Dame have offered the Fremd High (Palantine, Illinois) product.

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