Scouting Report: Cohl Cabral – 2016 Guard


It’s always assumed that any kid from southern California that gets a USC offer is destined to choose the Trojans, but that was not the case with Cohl Cabral. The athletic offensive lineman from Los Osos High in Rancho Cucamonga recently announced his commitment Arizona State instead despite having a USC offer.

Cabral has outstanding athletic tools and even though he may not be the highest rated offensive lineman out west right now, his ceiling is right up there with just about any other prospect that is currently committed to any team in the Pac-12.

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 250

Athletic ability/measurables

Cabral is one of the best athlete you’ll see as an offensive line prospect. He has great feet and is a natural knee bender. He’s one of the few o-line recruits who does not look horribly out of place as an athlete. He has a long way to go as far as his physical development. He will need to add significant weight and get a lot stronger. Fortunately he looks like he has the frame to be able to do so.


The obvious thing that stands out about Cabral is the way he moves. He can pull and get to the second level so much smoother than most. There is no stiffness with his movement and his initial footwork is very good. He is able to reach defenders with ease and gets himself in a great body position through his footwork.

One thing that is missing from his game though is the consistency to sustain blocks. His pad level is not an issue the majority of the time, but he doesn’t do a great job of fitting and keeping with his block. He will settle for the initial hit and not worry about the rest. I would like to see him stick on blocks longer and play a lot meaner. There is a lack of nasty in his game.

Part of him not sustaining may have to do with his size and strength. When he does get in stronger and spend some more time in Arizona State’s strength and conditioning program, that should help him quite a bit.

I just didn’t see enough of him in pass protection to get a true read as to where he is right now in that area. I will say that athletically he has all the tools for him to become a great asset when pass blocking.

One huge piece of added value that Cabral has is his long snapping ability. Many programs use a scholarship on a long snapper these days and with Cabral, ASU may not need to while he is on campus.

Scheme fit

Cabral is the kind of athlete that may have the versatility to play all five positions on the offensive line. I’m not exactly sure where he’ll end up with the Sun Devils, but I think he is probably best suited to play center or guard.


There are plenty of maulers when it comes to offensive line recruits and I do think the ability to finish blocks and play nasty are necessary to be great, but none of that matters if a player doesn’t have the athletic skills to compete. Cabral has those skills and that’s why he should have such a bright future at Arizona State. He’ll need some time to mature and develop physically, but he has the tools to be a high quality starter after a couple of years in their program.

Recruiting Site Position Position Rank Stars
Rivals OT Unranked 3
Scout OT 37 3
247 Sports OT 24 4

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