Scouting Report: Deonte Brown – 2016 Guard


There aren’t a lot of major changes in recruiting from year to year as far a team success goes. Every once in awhile a program will come out of nowhere and land an unexpectedly great class, but for the most part, the rich get richer and everybody else stays around the same area.

There hasn’t been a consistently more successful football program on the field or in recruiting than Alabama since Nick Saban came to Tuscaloosa and it’s not stopping any time soon. They are putting together another awesome offensive line class and picked up another stud guard in Deonte Brown.

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 330

Athletic ability/measurables

He is a massive young man, but will need to do some reshaping of his body at the next level. It’s not all bad weight for him though. His mobility at his size is awesome. He moves extremely well and has great feet. He plays left tackle at his high school, but doesn’t have the length for the position at the college level.


Brown is a violent player. He brings a pop when he makes contact and you can see that hip snap that is rare for a lot of blockers. He plays mean and wants to put defenders on their ass.

Fluid isn’t a word use to describe offensive lineman very often, but he looks fluid with his steps. There is nothing forced or choppy about his movement. He takes zone steps and reaches on the edge with ease. He also moves really well when pulling or getting out to the second level.

One issue he has when getting out to the second level is that he will bring a violent hit, but won’t fit. He needs to get his hands inside, sustain his block,  and not worry about the knockout blow.

I think he can be great in pass protection because of his feet and he shows that violent punch as well. He does it without overextending as well. I wanted to see him in pass protection more often when I watched his film, but there was nothing I saw that gave me pause to think he cannot be very good in this area.

Scheme fit

He’s definitely a guard at the next level and has the kind of size and athleticism to fit in any scheme.


The twos for the Alabama offensive line in a few years might be the second best offensive line in the SEC. That’s how well the Tide have recruited up front. Brown is another stud player who has the potential to start for multiple years, but may take time to see the field because of the talent that is in front of him. When he does see the field though, he has NFL potential and could end up being a mauler in the run game.

Recruiting Site Position Position Rank Stars
Rivals OG Unranked 3
Scout OT 23 4
247 Sports OG 14 3

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