Scouting Report: Dwayne Haskins – 2016 Quarterback


Last year’s recruiting class was fairly deep in terms of higher end talent at the quarterback position, but from what I have so far in this cycle, there aren’t as many blue chip type players in 2016.

Dwayne Haskins is one of the elite quarterbacks in this class though and has the tools to be a big time player at the position at the college level. He’s a coveted player by several schools all over the country.

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 188

Athletic ability/measurables

Haskins is a good, but not dynamic, athlete at the position that runs well. He has good size and still has a lot of maturing physically to do. He will definitely get bigger over the next few years.


Haskins has solid footwork and is light on his feet in the pocket. He will rush at times, specifically off of play-action, and not get his cleats planted like he should, but for the most part is balanced and under control.

He has a quick release and shows an above average arm on intermediate and deep throws. The football comes out tight the majority of the time. He also shows nice touch when needed, especially on the deep ball.

He isn’t asked to throw to make many difficult throws so it’s tough to give a complete evaluation when there are only a few tougher throws he is asked to make. He is often seeing receives run wide open off of play-action and just has to focus on that one read. I would have liked to see him go through his progressions more, but I did get a chance to see his mobility to buy time to find second and third options a few times. Those times were usually off of designed rollouts, where he looked fantastic delivering the ball with force and accuracy, but it’s yet to be determined if he can hang in the pocket and stick in to find other options.

One very encouraging thing is how he handled throws under pressure. He wasn’t afraid to deliver the football and showed enough natural arm strength to still get the ball to where it needed to be even if he was unable to step into the throw properly.

I loved seeing his ball placement on short throws. He put the football exactly where his receivers could do damage after the catch. Overall his ball placement was very good.

He is mobile enough to be a running threat on scrambles and could be an option with the zone read, but he isn’t going to scare a defense with his feet more than he can with his arm.

Scheme fit

He’s a spread quarterback that can be utilized in the run game, but is much more of guy who will win from the pocket.


There was nothing I saw from Haskins to deter me from thinking that he has the tools to be a great college quarterback that can make all the throws. Like every young quarterback, there are some unanswered questions, but he has the physical skill set to provide those answers later on. He should end up being a very good starter at the next level.

Recruiting Site Position Position Rank Stars
Rivals PS-QB 4 4
Scout QB 14 4
247 Sports PS-QB 3 4

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