Scouting Report: Dymond Lee – 2016 Wide Receiver


Position changes for recruits are not that uncommon. Often a player is brought in at one position and it doesn’t take much time before they are switched to another.

Dymond Lee is seen as a wide receiver by most recruiting sites and most schools. UCLA took his commitment as a quarterback, so a quarterback he shall be. For how long that is, I don’t really know. I’m going to assume it’s not long, though, because I’m not sure Lee would be able to get on the field being behind Josh Rosen at quarterback. I see him eventually being moved to wide receiver and I’m going to concentrate on that area of his game for the purpose of this post.

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 175

Athletic ability/measurables

He has good, but not great speed. I don’t see that elite burst on film. I think that can get better once he gets stronger. He does show very good lateral agility. He is slim right now and likely won’t be a big presence because of his frame. I do think he can gain some good weight and get up past the 190 range while in college.


He is a decent route runner right now and is going to have to get even better because I don’t think he has straight up elite speed to gain separation from that alone. He does do a nice job of beating press at the line, though.

One thing that him not getting as much separation highlights is his ability to catch the football in tight coverage. He has great hands and snatches the ball away from his body consistently. He will reach up and high point the football as well. He isn’t purely a perimeter player and is not afraid to go over the middle and take a hit to make a play. He also adjusts to the football in the air extremely well. He makes catches on poorly thrown footballs look routine.

Lee has some ability after the catch and can make the first defender miss, but he doesn’t look like a threat to take it for six every time he touches it. He is probably more of a chain mover.

Scheme fit

A lot of people think of smaller, quicker players in the slot, but reliable is more important. I think Lee can be a reliable option out of the slot and could also potentially play on the outside.


Not every receiver needs to be a big play guy to be effective. I’m not sure Lee will be a big play receiver at the next level, but I think he can be a highly productive player because of his great hands and ability to bring down the football in tight coverage. He should end up developing into a nice option for Josh Rosen to throw the football to.

Recruiting Site Position Position Rank Stars
Rivals WR 27 4
Scout WR 52 4
247 Sports WR 39 4
ESPN WR 86 3

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