Scouting Report: JoeJuan Williams – 2016 Safety


Scheme fit is a constant point of emphasis to me when it comes to evaluating recruits. One prospect may be an All-American caliber of player in one scheme and he may be someone who isn’t suited to start in another.

JoeJuan Williams is someone who can fit in multiple schemes, but at different positions. He can play corner, but likely only in a defense that asks him to play a lot of press. He could be free safety in one that doesn’t. He’ll find the right fit for him and he has the potential to be a great player in the secondary for some lucky college football program.

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 194

Athletic ability/measurables

Williams has good, but not elite, speed. There is a little bit of tightness in his hips, but that’s to be expected for a player his size. If he’s a corner, he’s a massive one that can physically match up with just about anybody on the outside. He has plenty of size for the safety position as well and should be able to carry over 200 pounds well.


He plays a lot of corner for his high school and is often lined up in press. He does a nice job trying to be physical at the line, but he sometimes can be late reacting and let’s receivers gain control with first contact. When he does get the jam first, he can establish dominance with his size and length and really affect the receiver’s release.

In man, he is usually playing press and turning and running with receivers or playing more of a bail coverage. With either one, he does a great job of staying on the hip of his receiver and denying the jump ball. There just aren’t many players who are going to win that battle against him because of how big he is and the way he can jump to challenge for the football.

My only complaint with that is he had numerous chances to intercept the football and did not come down with it. It would be nice for him to finish more often by picking the ball off, but he doesn’t appear to have the greatest hands.

He didn’t look super comfortable playing off man. He gets a bit high in his drop/backpedal and doesn’t transition as well from that.

I saw him play with good eye discipline in zone. He could have drifted a few times, but stuck with his responsibility and was rewarded with opportunities to make plays on the football.

He’s not a thumper as a tackler. I expected him to be a bit more physical as a tackler. He isn’t soft by any means, just not an impact hitter. He isn’t the most instinctive when coming from depth when lined up as a high safety, but I think a lot of that has to do with him playing so close to the line at cornerback. It’s just not something he has probably done a lot of and should be able to get better at with more experience.

Scheme fit

I kind of already went through this at the top, but he can play corner, but probably only in a scheme that asks him to press or a lot of cover two. I think he is probably best suited to play free safety at the next level.


I think Williams has the potential to be a big time player at the next level because he has safety size that can match up like a corner in man coverage. He needs to improve versus the run, but could become an impact player in coverage at the next level and is a possible multi-year starter.

Recruiting Site Position Position Rank Stars
Rivals S 8 4
Scout S 21 4
247 Sports CB 23 4
ESPN S 10 4

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