Scouting Report: Jonah Williams – 2016 Offensive Tackle


Not shocking, but Alabama had an awesome offensive line class last year. The only problem with it was that there was a surplus of elite interior linemen and it lacked a big time offensive tackle prospect.

That’s not going to be an issue with their 2016 class after landing Jonah Williams, one of the top offensive tackle recruits in the nation. The Folsom, California native is going to be a really good one for the Tide in the SEC.

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 280

Athletic ability/measurables

Williams is a very good athlete for the position. He has great feet and moves really well. He has the frame to easily get to over 300 pounds while in college. He still has a lot of maturing to do physically.


So much of what makes Williams a great prospect is the way he moves. He does an outstanding job of getting out to the second level and locking up with linebackers. He gets himself into a great position and fits his block very well. He reaches on the edge and takes zone steps fluidly.

He generates a consistent, violent pop on contact and gets good hand placement. He finishes blocks and will drive defenders to the echo of the whistle. He will also look for more work if his block is already made. He has an edge to his game.

His feet and balance in his pass set are outstanding. He is a natural knee bender. He passes off blocks and picks up blitzes like someone who is far more advanced in age. He delivers a great punch and is so effective with it because of the timing of his punch. It’s controlled violence that he uses at the appropriate times.

Scheme fit

He’s going to be a great fit in Alabama’s offense and should be a candidate to play left tackle, but also has should have the versatility to move to guard.


It’s going to be frightening for players matching up against Williams once he physically matures. He is advanced in his technique and has a nasty mentality to his game that should allow him to compete early in his career once he is physically ready to handle SEC defenders. He has the talent to develop into an All-SEC caliber lineman during his time in Tuscaloosa.

Recruiting Site Position Position Rank Stars
Rivals OT 10 4
Scout OT 13 4
247 Sports OT 10 4
ESPN OT 10 4

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