Scouting Report: Josh Rosen – 2015 Quarterback


There are so many intangibles that go into being a great quarterback that have nothing to do with film. The same can be said of many positions, but intangibles seem even more important at the quarterback position.

I can’t tell you about Josh Rosen’s intangibles and I’m not even so sure that many other recruiting analysts who have met him in-person can do the same. I remember several analysts being blown away by former Notre Dame quarterback Demetrius Jones as a recruit and the leadership he’d bring to the program. Two years later he transferred from Notre Dame and ended up playing linebacker at Cincinnati.

I can tell you what I can see on film from Josh Rosen and what I see, I really like. I can see the hype surrounding the St. John Bosco prospect is well justified.

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 205

Athletic ability/measurables

Rosen has good feet and has the arm to make all the throws. You could see a significant jump on the zip on his ball from his sophomore to junior year.

Rosen will have to put on some weight to withstand punishment at the next level, but he’s got the ideal height and frame for a pro-style quarterback.

He’s a good enough runner that he is capable of moving the chains with his feet as well.


You could really see a big jump in Rosen from a sophomore to a junior and only part of that was the arm strength that I mentioned above. A lot of it had to do with going through his progressions and finding the right receiver. I could see him scanning the field and then delivering the ball to the proper read rather than locking in on one guy.

Rosen is accurate with the football and is at his best when throwing off play-action when he can simply sling it to his first read. The ball hums out of his hand and is delivered while in-stride to his receiver. He does a good job of squaring his shoulders up to throw on the run as well.

The only mechanical issues I could see with Rosen were the rare occasions he threw off his back foot on some touch throws. The ball was delivered accurately, but the windows will be tighter in college and if they float too long, they could end up being intercepted by defensive backs that can close. The other issue is that there was a drop off in arm strength when he didn’t throw to his first read. It’s mostly a balance issue when he can’t just set and fire the ball that didn’t affect him much in high school, but is something he’ll need to continue to get better at in college.

Scheme fit

He’s lining up exclusively out of the shotgun in high school and actually does a solid job of running the zone read. His future is brightest though with him in the pocket and most likely in a spread offense.


Rosen has tremendous potential, but like any quarterback recruit, it’s all about opportunity. He plays against some of the best competition in the nation in his high school conference in California so I will be very surprised if he won’t be able to compete at a high level in college. He’s got all the tools for him develop into a top NFL prospect by the time his college career is complete.


Rivals #1 QB (5 star)

Scout #2 QB (5 star)

247 Sports #2 QB (5 star)

ESPN #1 QB (4 star)

Jamie Uyeyama was a defensive lineman at Idaho State University and Simon Fraser University. He has also coached at the college and high school level. He is the son of Ron Uyeyama, a member of the Delta Sports Hall of Fame and high school football coach for over 30 years (hence the site name, Son of a Coach). Jamie is also the former Sr. Editor, Digital Content and News for