Scouting Report: K.J. Costello – 2016 Quarterback


It’s going to be really tough for the quarterback class of 2016 in California to match up with the prospects from the 2015 class in terms of depth, but the two that I have broken down so far are definitely worthy of being in the same category as their predecessors.

Florida State commit Malik Henry has the talent to be one of the top quarterbacks in the nation and Santa Margarita’s K.J. Costello may be even better than Henry at this point in their development.

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 213

Athletic ability/measurables

Costello has prototype size for a pocket passer. He still needs to develop a bit physically, but is big enough to play at the college level right now. He’s no burner as a runner, but is a decent athlete.


There aren’t too many prep passers I’ve seen be as accurate as Costello. His ball placement is exceptional most of the time and it allows for his receivers to make plays after the catch. He consistently gets the ball out on time.

You could see that Costello got stronger from his sophomore to junior year. He delivered the ball with a lot more authority and made some very impressive throws. He fit the ball in some tighter windows that he may not have been able to as a sophomore. His mechanics are consistent and solid. He’s well balanced in the pocket and has a fairly quick release.

In addition to showing good arm strength when he needs it, he also shows great touch, specifically on the deep ball and up the seam. He gives his receiver a chance to make a play and can place it in a spot where the defensive back is going to have difficulty getting his hands on it.

It’s his overall pocket presence that really stands out as his greatest strength. He’ll hang in the pocket and take a hit to make a throw and also will step up in the pocket and find his second read. It’s so rare for a player his age to be unfazed by pressure, but I saw him beat pressure so many times with his arm.

He’s not a threat to run too often, but can take an opportunity when it’s there to move the chains with his feet. He moves well to avoid rushers without comprising his mechanics too much.

Scheme fit

He’s a pure pocket passer and and shows the ability to thrive in a spread or pro-style system.


It’s early in the process of looking at quarterbacks for me, but Costello would be at the top of my list for 2016 of the six quarterbacks I have broken down. I think he has the potential to be a great player at the next level and someone who can start fairly early when he gets to college.

Recruiting Site Position Position Rank Stars
Rivals PS-QB n/a 4
Scout QB 2 4
247 Sports PS-QB 6 4

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