Scouting Report: Marquez Callaway – 2016 Athlete


I watched Marquez Callaway‘s junior film and I was a little underwhelmed to be perfectly honest. He certainly looked like a very good prospect, but I was hoping for a bit more.

His sophomore film is a different story. He made a ton of plays and part of the reason was the position he primarily played that season. He is an athlete to projects well to multiple positions, but one in particular really stands out for him to have the highest ceiling.

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 170

Athletic ability/measurables

He is fast, but not does have that elite burst. He is definitely a smooth and fluid athlete, though. He has great height and length, but a slim build. In saying that, he plays much bigger than his weight and hopefully should be able to add to get eventually get closer to the 190 range.


Callaway has skills to project on either side of the football. At receiver, he is good after the catch. If he gets a crease, he can do some damage and shows good strength to break the initial tackle. He has solid lateral agility and can make the first defender miss.

He isn’t asked to run a lot of different routes. For the most part it’s fades and hitches. He does adjust well to deep ball and will go up and get the football. He flashes the ability to make the great catch in tight coverage, but isn’t a natural hands catcher. Sometimes will let the football get to his chest unnecessarily.

As a defensive back he is really smooth in his backpedal and can put his foot in the ground and explode to the football. He is solid in man coverage, but I think he can be a little late in recognizing routes when playing off coverage. I’d like to see him be a bit more aggressive. The only time I saw him play press he made a nice recovery on a pass breakup, but he also gave a free release inside off the line of scrimmage.

He does a really nice job of staying disciplined in zone with eyes and not drifting. He really shined at safety as a sophomore and was able to jump a bunch of routes and make a ton of plays. He showed very good ball skills and also was a physical presence tackling receivers after the catch. His instincts combined with athletic ability were what made him so great at safety.

He did a good job of coming up and tackling versus the run. He wraps up well and tackles bigger than his weight would suggest.

Scheme fit

I think he could be a good player at receiver and be a solid cornerback as well, but I think he has the chance to be a great player at free safety.


Sometimes the difference between being a solid starter and a blue chip player can be a thin margin. While I think he could be solid at other positions, I think he can become a multi-year starter and an impact player in the secondary at free safety if that is the position he ends up at.

Recruiting Site Position Position Rank Stars
Rivals WR 21 4
Scout ATH 11 4
247 Sports ATH 2 4
ESPN S 5 4

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