Scouting Report: Matt Fink – 2016 Quarterback


Scheme fit is important for every prospect, but having a quarterback that doesn’t fit the scheme you want to run is basically a wasted scholarship.

When I watched Matt Fink‘s film, all I could think about is how important it is for him to be put in the right scheme in order for him to succeed. He may develop into a quarterback that can fit into any scheme, but for right now he needs to go to a program that can take advantage of his athletic talent.

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 185

Athletic ability/measurables

Fink has great speed and can run away from defenders. His lateral agility is a huge asset for him as a runner. He’s listed at 6’3″, but may be a bit shorter than that. He has a slim build and needs to add weight and strength.


The best and worst parts of Fink’s game have to do with his feet.

When he uses his feet as a runner, he can be a big play threat. He can make people miss when he runs inside and has the speed to gain big yards if he has a crease. He does a nice job of running the zone read and can also do a lot of damage when scrambling.

He’s able to buy more time and is great at avoiding the rush. His ability to make pass rushers miss him allows plays to open up down the field.

Right now the part of his game Fink struggles the most with also has to do with his feet. His footwork in the pocket is inconsistent and those changing mechanics lead to him being inaccurate and not delivering the football with the velocity he should be getting on some throws. His feet just get a little bit happy and he needs to be more calm in the pocket.

He shows nice touch on deep balls, but shows an average arm on the majority of his throws. For some passers the ball just naturally jumps out of their hand and I don’t see that with Fink.

Scheme fit

His best fit is a spread scheme that gets him to move out of the pocket a lot and utilizes his ability to run the zone read.


Right now I like Fink’s ability to create big plays with his feet, but he needs to improve in some areas to become a player that can win from the pocket. In the right system that utilizes his strengths, I think he can develop into a good starting quarterback at the college level.

Recruiting Site Position Position Rank Stars
Rivals PS-QB 12 3
Scout QB 13 4
247 Sports DT-QB 10 3
ESPN QB-DT Unranked n/a

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