Scouting Report: McTelvin Agim – 2016 Defensive End


It’s not uncommon for defensive linemen to wear unconventional numbers at the college or high school level these days, but I can’t remember seeing anyone wear the number 33 before I watched McTelvin Agim.

Based on what I saw, I’m not sure there are too many players who could wear it better playing defensive line. The Hope, Arkansas native is one of the best defensive ends in the nation and possibly my favorite player in the 2016 class that I have broken down so far.

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 268

Athletic ability/measurables

He’s a great athlete that runs exceptionally well for a player his size and has great initial quickness. He has very good lateral movement as well. He’s already big enough to step in to compete at the college level.


Everyone wants defensive ends that can make plays, but the truly great ones do that within the structure of the defense. That’s what Agim does. He plays his responsibility, but can break free from it to then go and make a play.

He does an outstanding job of setting the edge and not letting anything get outside of him. He will get upfield and establish the edge, but then get back inside to get in on the tackle. His hustle to get back and involved in the play is at another level. He will pursue plays when most other players are jogging and faking the effort while he is getting twenty yards down the field and not only looking to make the tackle, but strip the football. He has a knack for doing that as well and created several forced fumbles.

The most amazing play I saw from Agim was when he chased down a player who had about a 20 yard head start on him to save a touchdown. Ridiculous speed for his size combined with awesome effort. It doesn’t get much more impressive than that.

Agim is strong at the point of attack and shows strong hands when disengaging from blocks. He shows a great first step and always seems to get penetration into the opposing backfield.

He has tremendous potential as a pass rusher. He might use a swim move a little too often, but his lateral movement and ability to dip and bend around the edge stand out as skills that make him a threat off the edge. He also shows the ability to convert speed to power.

Scheme fit

He’s too athletic to move away from playing as an end and could play the strong or the weak side in a 4-3. I think he could eventually be someone who moved inside on passing downs to rush the passer from the interior.


I really like the player that Agim is now and he’s only going to get better. I think he can step on a college campus and compete immediately in his first season and develop into a high level starter for multiple seasons.

Recruiting Site Position Position Rank Stars
Rivals SDE 6 4
Scout DE 14 4
247 Sports SDE 6 4
ESPN DE 21 4

Jamie Uyeyama was a way too small defensive tackle at Idaho State University and a more appropriately sized rush end at Simon Fraser University. He was a coach at the college and high school level and is the son of Ron Uyeyama, a member of the Delta Sports Hall of Fame and high school football coach for over 30 years (hence the site name, Son of a Coach).