Scouting Report: Neville Gallimore – 2015 Defensive Tackle


There are always recruits that garner interest from FBS schools in Canada, but I’m not sure there has been anyone quite like Neville Gallimore before. The Canada Prep Football Academy defensive tackle has already received offers from programs like Notre Dame, Nebraska, Oklahoma, UCLA, and Wisconsin with more coming in.

It’s incredibly rare for a prospect from Canada to be a national recruit in the US, but it’s because Gallimore is such a rare athlete for his size. He’s nowhere close to a polished product, but his size and athletic traits are something that cannot be taught.

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 303

Athletic ability/measurables

Gallimore is a freakish athlete for his size. He moves like a much smaller player out on the field. He has good lateral agility and speed that is well above average for a 300 pound young man. It’s a bit crazy because he still very much has the body of a kid and will need to re-shape it when he gets to college.


It’s strange to see this, but Gallimore plays exclusively as a standup end on defense for his high school. His athleticism stands out in just about everything he does. It’s not often you see a player his size make a mark as a chase player making plays from the backside. He runs people down behind the line of scrimmage and in the open field. He also flashes rare quickness off the ball and displays great coordination with his hand usage at times. He moves like a much smaller player on the field.

Gallimore’s biggest weakness right now is that he plays small from a strength standpoint as well. He will show flashes of dominant strength against smaller opponents, but he’s not a physical player. There isn’t any violence in his hands and he is inconsistent with how he gets off the ball. He’ll stand up too high and run around blocks. There was one play where a fullback ran iso at him and he got pushed backed because he played it soft. He eventually made the tackle down the field, but he could have stuffed it in the backfield.

All of these things are coachable, but a little concerning as well. I would feel a lot more confident in Gallimore if he physically dominated like a player his size should.

Scheme fit

Gallimore is going to play defensive tackle at the next level and is a great fit as three technique in a 4-3 because of his quickness and athleticism.


Gallimore is being recruited by all of these big time school because of his potential and not what he currently is. But man, his potential is massive. He needs coaching and to compete against better competition in practice as well as games for him to reach it and that will likely take some time. He won’t be an instant impact type of player, but his talent is worth the time teams will have to invest in him because he may turn into something special.

Recruiting Site Position Position Rank Stars
Rivals DT Unranked n/a
Scout DE Unranked 3
247 Sports DT Unranked n/a
ESPN DE Unranked n/a

Jamie Uyeyama was a way too small defensive tackle at Idaho State University and a more appropriately sized rush end at Simon Fraser University. He was a coach at the college and high school level and is the son of Ron Uyeyama, a member of the Delta Sports Hall of Fame and high school football coach for over 30 years (hence the site name, Son of a Coach). Jamie is also the former Sr. Editor, Digital Content and News for