Scouting Report: Nick Starkel – 2016 Quarterback


Nick Starkel is one of the many Elite 11 quarterbacks this year who isn’t exactly a high profile recruit. He didn’t have a boatload of offers before he committed to Oklahoma State back in April, but now he has the last laugh and is headed to Oregon for the Elite 11 finals.

He has some intriguing traits that should translate well to the Cowboys offense.

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 180

Athletic ability/measurables

Starkel looks really slim, but that’s pretty much the norm for most quarterbacks at that age. I think he probably has the frame to carry around 200 pounds, but not much more than that. He’s not a great athlete for the position and doesn’t run really well.


The first thing that stands out about Starkel is that he has a bit of elongated delivery. I’m not a stickler for that too much because I care more about footwork, but it’s something to keep in mind that he may need to improve. I do like the way the football comes out of his hand. He throws a catchable ball with more zip than I expected. I really like his touch, especially on the deep ball.

He is balanced in the pocket and is fairly light on his feet. Sometimes he end up throwing off his back foot when he doesn’t have to, but for the most part he put himself in a great position with his footwork. One thing I noticed that I really liked was that he was able to make throws off his back foot under pressure and still get good velocity on the football. That’s something that I don’t see from a lot of quarterbacks.

He throws a lot of one step stuff where he is letting it go on with no read. I would have liked to see him go through progressions more, but that is what was asked of him. I do think he rushed his release on some of those one step throws and it affected his accuracy and ball placement.

He showed good awareness in the pocket and that is the kind of thing that can help him escape the rush at times, but I worry about him as an athlete having to make pass rushers miss. When he gets outside of the pocket and has to throw on the run, he does a nice job of squaring up his shoulders and finding the open man on the run.

He is not a threat as a runner and that’s obviously a pretty big detractor. He isn’t going to move the chains with his legs at all based on what he showed on film.

Scheme fit

He clearly is a spread quarterback and should be a solid fit in Oklahoma State’s offense, but would not be the right fit at another school that asks there quarterbacks to run the football.


Starkel is interesting as I think he is probably better and should have received a few more offers (he eventually got one from Texas A&M), but there isn’t anything really dynamic about him as a prospect. But any quarterback who can make the same kind of throws with pressure in his face as he does when he has a clean pocket is a quarterback that can likely do some good things at the college level. He has the potential to become a starter at Oklahoma State later in his career.

Recruiting Site Position Position Rank Stars
Rivals PS-QB 13 3
Scout QB 21 3
247 Sports PS-QB 19 3
ESPN QB-PP Unranked n/a

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