Scouting Report: Ryan Brand – 2015 Quarterback


Just last week, I called underrated quarterback Ross Bowers an underdog. But if I compared him to Ryan Brand, Bowers would be Goliath and Brand would be David.

Brand sticks out among all of the 18 quarterbacks selected to participate in the Elite 11. He is not highly recruited or highly rated. No one could ever say he isn’t highly motivated though.

He travelled to two camps in an attempt to earn his invite to the prestigious quarterback camp and accomplished his goal against long odds. It should hopefully help him in his development and get him closer to his other goal of playing quarterback at the FBS level.

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 192

Athletic ability/measurables

There is no way around it, Brand is small. There are some notable exceptions, but not many quarterbacks play and are effective at his size. He’s a good, but not great, athlete who is very quick with good feet.


Brand is a threat as a runner and runs the option well. He can make tacklers miss, but is not overly elusive. He is extremely tough though and will take a hit to gain extra yards. His mobility in the pocket is good and he shows great escapability from the rush.

His arm strength is average, which is not all that surprising for a player of his size. Has a quick release and that helps when he is pressured. He is not afraid to stand in and take a hit to make a throw.

When forced out of the pocket, he is still looking downfield to make a play. Will go through his progressions and hit his check down receivers.

His accuracy is a bit of an issue. He often throws the ball too high. I think that’s a product of his height and him trying to get the ball up over the line. He also needs to be stronger with his mechanics and step into more throws. Someone like him, who is not as physically gifted as others, needs to have good mechanics all the time in order to succeed.

He struggles to find throwing lanes at times because of his height. He isn’t asked to make deep throws very often. In the offense he plays in it’s mostly short screens, slants, or curl patterns. He will need to not be limited to those throws at the next level and there is a bit of a question mark as to if he is able to do it right now.

Scheme fit

Brand’s best fit is probably in a spread option offense or a triple option offense that relies on his decision making.


Watching Brand’s film, it is pretty evident he has a tough climb ahead of him in order for him to be an FBS quarterback. Most of the other quarterbacks his height that have achieved success were players that were dynamic athletes. Brand is a good athlete, but he isn’t in the same league as someone like Kyler Murray. He has proved a lot of people wrong already by earning an invitation to the Elite 11 and I hope he continues to prove people wrong and develop into a starting quarterback at the BCS level.

Recruiting Site Position Position Rank Stars
Rivals PS-QB Unranked n/a
Scout QB Unranked n/a
247 Sports DT-QB 41 3
ESPN DT-QB Unranked 3

Jamie Uyeyama was a way too small defensive tackle at Idaho State University and a more appropriately sized rush end at Simon Fraser University. He was a coach at the college and high school level and is the son of Ron Uyeyama, a member of the Delta Sports Hall of Fame and high school football coach for over 30 years (hence the site name, Son of a Coach). Jamie is also the former Sr. Editor, Digital Content and News for

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