Scouting Report: Hendon Hooker – 2017 Quarterback

You can find my scouting report on quarterback Hendon Hooker on Irish Sports Daily ($).

He is a good, but not elite, athlete that is a threat with his legs and shows great touch with the deep ball. I wasn’t blown away by his arm on film, but liked what I saw from him in person at the Army Combine back in January.

He does a nice job of escaping the rush, but mostly looks to run first when he does rather than keep his eyes down field. Also a very good basketball player, I think he’ll likely fill out and end up. He has a high ceiling, but may take some time to develop at the next level.



Scouting Report: Jamyest Williams – 2017 Cornerback

Sometimes it’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

All I know is that Jamyest Williams has a lot of dog in him as a football player. This kid can ball against anyone at any size. It’s not just that he is a great athlete that has the top schools in the country after him. It’s the compete level that makes him one of the top recruits in the nation that could excel on either side of the football at the next level.

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Scouting Report: Antonneous Clayton – 2016 Edge Player

It’s amazing that so many of the talented edge rusher prospects that are great athletes are also slow reacting off the football. They are fast runners, but don’t react like they should when the ball is snap.

Antonneous Clayton is one of the exceptions. He’s a great athlete for the position and gets off the football like gangbusters. He has offers from some of the top schools in the nation and could end up being the best pass rusher to emerge from the 2016 recruiting class.

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Scouting Report: Parker Boudreaux – 2016 Guard

Offensive linemen rarely get attention from the media and when they do, it often has more to do with things outside of football rather than their play on the field. Even though Parker Boudreaux is a highly ranked guard prospect with over 70 reported scholarship offers, he is probably more known for his resemblance to WWE star Brock Lesnar than for his skills on the field.

There should be a far greater appreciation for how he plays though because Boudreaux gets after it on the football field. He’s a mauling run blocker with a ton of potential to be a great player at the next level.

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Scouting Report: Antwuan Jackson – 2016 Defensive Tackle

There never seems to be a shortage of big bodies to recruit at defensive tackle, but the ones who have the potential to be special pass rushers are few and far between.

That’s why Antwuan Jackson is such a highly recruited prospect with offers from all over the country. He could end up being an extremely disruptive player that can really push the pocket at the next level.

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Scouting Report: Jaquan Yulee – 2016 Linebacker

Jaquan Yulee isn’t going to be a fit in every defense. There is a trend of having uber athletic, but less physical, inside linebackers in college football and it all is in response to the speed of opposing offenses.

There is still room in the game for players like Yulee though. He has the tools to be an intimidator in the middle of a defense and will be a great fit with the right program.

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Scouting Report: Julian Okwara – 2016 Edge Player

Everybody wants to land recruits that can rush the passer and everyone wants those players to fit the measurements that they are looking for in terms of his size and athleticism.

When you combine the physical tools with relentless effort, that’s when you have a chance to have a special player. That’s what you get with Julian Okwara. He needs time to develop, but he’s a playmaker that never stops pursuing the football.

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Scouting Report: E.J. Price – 2016 Offensive Tackle

There are some dudes that can walk into a room and don’t even have to say a word to announce themselves as a football player. I imagine that’s what it must be like for E.J. Price wherever he goes. He looks like an offensive lineman is supposed to look like.

He also has all of the tools to play just like coaches want an offensive lineman to play. That’s what makes him one of the top offensive tackles prospects in the country and why he’s heading to The Opening finals after earning an invite to the big event with a great performance at The Opening regional in Atlanta.

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Scouting Report: Damar Hamlin – 2016 Cornerback

Everyone loves to watch film of the recruits that are physical freaks, but not everyone of those kids has figured out how to play the game just yet.

That’s why I like watching players like cornerback Damar Hamlin so much. He definitely has great athletic talent, but his game is advanced for his age. He’s just a good football player that looks like he could step onto a college campus right now and not look out of place on the field.

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