Scouting Report: Andrew Pryts – 2016 Safety

Sometimes when a recruit is a legacy at a big school, there is an assumption that that player only got the offer because of the past and not the player they are now. That assumption is definitely wrong with Andrew Pryts.

He is good enough to not only have earned an offer from his father’s university, Penn State, but also programs like Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Michigan. He’s a heck of a football player that is good enough to play at just about any school in country.

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Scouting Report: Oluwole Betiku – 2016 Defensive End

Players who just start playing football shouldn’t be this good this fast, but Oluwole Betiku is the exception to the rule. He is a physically gifted athlete that is built to be a defensive lineman.

He may already be the top prospect on the west coast and it wouldn’t shock me to see him ultimately end up right up near the top as a top ten player in the nation if he continues to improve at this incredible pace.

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Scouting Report: Jordan Fuller – 2016 Athlete

Every coach wants players that are technically sound, but I like players who play multiple positions more than just one even if that player isn’t as polished as some others. Most of the time that just means the upside can be that much greater once the right position is chosen for them at the next level.

Old Tappan High athlete Jordan Fuller is capable of playing multiple positions at the next level, but I believe his greatest upside is on the defensive side of the ball. I think he has a very bright future as a safety, but time will tell if that is position he ultimately ends up sticking at in college.

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Scouting Report: Christian Colon – 2016 Defensive Tackle

College football is a different game than it used to be. It’s faster than ever and speed on defense to combat spread offenses is more important than ever. Even with that change, there is still a need for nose guards that can clog up the middle and occupy double teams.

That’s why Christian Colon out of Independence High (Charlotte, North Carolina) is a prospect that has attracted so many offers. There are only so many kids built like him that can project to be that nose guard that can play a ton of snaps to help stuff the run.

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Scouting Report: Cameron Brown – 2016 Linebacker

There is never going to be a lack of athletes that run well and hit hard. There’s a lot more than that though that goes into being a good linebacker.

Cameron Brown is definitely a great athlete, but it’s the instincts he shows at linebacker to go along with the physical skills that make me excited about his long term potential playing the position at the next level.

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Scouting Report: Cary Angeline – 2016 Tight End

In a different time, Downington East tight end Cary Angeline would have probably been projected as an undersized power forward playing college basketball at some mid-major somewhere.

But in today’s world, he is the kind of coveted tight end prospect that doesn’t come along very often. A long athlete with a big frame and great hands all equal to one of the top tight end prospects in the nation for the 2016 class.

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Scouting Report: Michal Menet – 2016 Offensive Tackle

Offensive lineman don’t have the reputation of being the best athletes on the field, but Michal Menet is an exception to that. The Exeter Township offensive lineman moves well enough to project on the defensive line even if his future is on offense.

He’s got the right amount of nasty to go with solid technique and it’s why he is one of my favorite offensive lineman I have watched so far in this recruiting class.

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Scouting Report: Brendan Ferns – 2016 Linebacker

Athleticism is a big part of being a good football player, but not the only part. Fast individuals can play football slow.

That’s not who St. Clairsville’s Brendan Ferns is on the field though. He gains an extra step because he can recognize plays faster in his his mind than others with faster 40 times can. That’s what makes him one of the highest rated linebackers in this recruiting class.

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Scouting Report: Michael Jordan – 2016 Offensive Tackle

I don’t know why any parent with the last name Jordan would name their kid Michael (kind of like naming your kid Muhammad if your last name was Ali), but that didn’t deter this one family from Canton, Michigan.

The highly touted offensive tackle recruit Michael Jordan will have to live with hearing “Not that one” every time his name is said or written. Fortunately, no one would ever confuse them based on appearance as this MJ from Plymouth High  is quite a bit bigger than the other one and is much more of a mauling run blocker than a guy who averages 30 a game in hoops.

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Scouting Report: Damar Hamlin – 2016 Cornerback

Everyone loves to watch film of the recruits that are physical freaks, but not everyone of those kids has figured out how to play the game just yet.

That’s why I like watching players like cornerback Damar Hamlin so much. He definitely has great athletic talent, but his game is advanced for his age. He’s just a good football player that looks like he could step onto a college campus right now and not look out of place on the field.

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