Scouting Report: Calvin Ashley – 2017 Offensive Tackle

Sometimes it’s just not fair. It’s not fair that some kids are built like offensive tackle Calvin Ashley while others have to scrape for every extra inch to measure up to compete at the highest levels of football.

If there is a scouting dictionary locked away somewhere in a football library, the Auburn commitment’s picture is what would be next to the definition of an offensive tackle. This kid could walk into the NFL combine next week and not look out of place with the the guys who are about to start making a living playing the game. He has some way to go to get to be one of those guys to be ready for a jump to the league, but his genetic gifts should help him get there in a few years.

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Scouting Report: Kyle Davis – 2016 Wide Receiver

On the first day of The Opening, I saw Kyle Davis and I thought he was a linebacker. I did a double take when I checked the roster and realized that it was a him and he was a receiver.

Davis looks like Tarzan and plays like Tarzan’s older brother. He dominated The Opening and was named the MVP of it for a reason. All it did was back up what was already there on film. He’s the best receiver in the nation.

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Scouting Report: Chauncey Manac – 2016 Defensive End

Sometimes in recruiting, the physical tools outweigh the skills that a prospect shows on the field. That is the case with Georgia commit Chauncey Manac. He is built like a player who is ready to play college football now, but his potential far outweighs what kind of player he is currently.

He could end up being a great one in the SEC East if he puts it all together while in Athens.

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Scouting Report: JoeJuan Williams – 2016 Safety

Scheme fit is a constant point of emphasis to me when it comes to evaluating recruits. One prospect may be an All-American caliber of player in one scheme and he may be someone who isn’t suited to start in another.

JoeJuan Williams is someone who can fit in multiple schemes, but at different positions. He can play corner, but likely only in a defense that asks him to play a lot of press. He could be free safety in one that doesn’t. He’ll find the right fit for him and he has the potential to be a great player in the secondary for some lucky college football program.

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Scouting Report: Deonte Brown – 2016 Guard

There aren’t a lot of major changes in recruiting from year to year as far a team success goes. Every once in awhile a program will come out of nowhere and land an unexpectedly great class, but for the most part, the rich get richer and everybody else stays around the same area.

There hasn’t been a consistently more successful football program on the field or in recruiting than Alabama since Nick Saban came to Tuscaloosa and it’s not stopping any time soon. They are putting together another awesome offensive line class and picked up another stud guard in Deonte Brown.

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Scouting Report: Chris Owens – 2016 Guard

It never stops with Alabama. After an unbelievable haul of interior line talent last cycle they have kept it going with more additions this year like Lamar High’s (Arlington, Texas) Chris Owens.

He has the kind of athleticism offensive line coaches dream of working with in an NFL frame. He’s another terrific pickup for the Tide that will ensure they don’t stop running the ball well any time soon.

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Scouting Report: Velus Jones – 2016 Wide Receiver

I’m not of the opinion that recruiting rankings don’t mean anything, but I’m also not blind to the fact that they are nowhere near perfect, especially early in the process.

Velus Jones may be a little known receiver out Saraland, Alabama right now, but he’s about to get a lot more attention now that he has committed to USC. The Trojans picked up an out of state steal that is more than likely going to shooting up rankings over the next year.

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Scouting Report: Benito Jones – 2016 Defensive Tackle

Former Alabama and current Ole Miss commit Benito Jones just might end up being my favorite prospect in this recruiting class. Not too many defensive tackles could be classified as exciting players to watch, but Jones fits into the exciting category as a player.

He has the potential to become a devastating presence in the middle of the Rebels defense and is only going to continue their recent tradition of impact players on the defensive line.

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Scouting Report: Jarrett Guarantano – 2016 Quarterback

Tennessee is trying to return to glory in the world of college football and Butch Jones has them going in a good direction with the talent they have brought in with the Vols last few recruiting classes.

They landed two good quarterback prospects in the 2015 recruiting cycle and they just landed an even better one in their 2016 class with a commitment from Bergen Catholic (New Jersey) quarterback Jarrett Gurantano. He might have the best natural arm strength out of any quarterback in his class and has the chance to develop into a heck of a player in the SEC East.

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