Scouting Report: Chacho Ulloa – 2016 Safety

No matter what other names come up, Chacho Ulloa will definitely make the all name team for the 2016 recruiting class. More importantly than his name, his game on the field is also getting noticed and he has started to pull in bigger offers with Notre Dame and Wisconsin being the latest.

There is nothing “wow” about Ulloa as an athlete. He’s just a damn good football player that would be an asset to any college football program.

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Scouting Report: Michal Menet – 2016 Offensive Tackle

Offensive lineman don’t have the reputation of being the best athletes on the field, but Michal Menet is an exception to that. The Exeter Township offensive lineman moves well enough to project on the defensive line even if his future is on offense.

He’s got the right amount of nasty to go with solid technique and it’s why he is one of my favorite offensive lineman I have watched so far in this recruiting class.

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Scouting Report: Brendan Ferns – 2016 Linebacker

Athleticism is a big part of being a good football player, but not the only part. Fast individuals can play football slow.

That’s not who St. Clairsville’s Brendan Ferns is on the field though. He gains an extra step because he can recognize plays faster in his his mind than others with faster 40 times can. That’s what makes him one of the highest rated linebackers in this recruiting class.

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Scouting Report: Jeffrey McCulloch – 2016 Linebakcer

Every talent evaluator loves to mention a players length, but that length means nothing unless a player knows how to use it.

Fortunately, Aldine Davis linebacker Jeffrey McCulloch already knows how to take advantage of the physical gifts he has and it’s one skill that makes him one of the top linebacker prospects in the nation in this recruiting cycle.

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Scouting Report: Devin White – 2016 Athlete

You just need to see Devin White with the ball in his hands running away from a defensive back who has the angle on him to know that he is a special athlete.

How that athleticism at his size is going to fit at the next level is yet to be determined, but the running back/linebacker from North Webster High in Springhill, Louisiana is going to find a fit somewhere on the field for a big time college football program.

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Scouting Report: Damar Hamlin – 2016 Cornerback

Everyone loves to watch film of the recruits that are physical freaks, but not everyone of those kids has figured out how to play the game just yet.

That’s why I like watching players like cornerback Damar Hamlin so much. He definitely has great athletic talent, but his game is advanced for his age. He’s just a good football player that looks like he could step onto a college campus right now and not look out of place on the field.

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Scouting Report: Curtis Robinson – 2016 Linebacker

For many years now, any kind of base defense in football has involved a front of seven defenders. That is still the case for the most part, although nickel defenses are more prevalent than ever.

A lot of defensive coordinators are looking for the best of both worlds. That means nickel linebackers. That is exactly what Mater Dei’s Curtis Robinson is: an out of the box linebacker that is athletic enough to never leave the field.

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Scouting Report: Kaden Smith – 2016 Tight End

Size. Speed. Strength. Intelligence. All of these are important for a football player.

Sometimes though, all of those things without the nasty can make a player incomplete. Fortunately for tight end Kaden Smith, there is plenty of nasty to his game. It’s that edge that he possesses that puts him over the top as not just a good prospect, but a great one. It’s likely a big reason why he is a national recruit that is being pursued by schools all over the country.

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Scouting Report: Lokeni Toailoa – 2016 Linebacker

There are very few true Mike linebackers left in football at any level and the good ones are even more rare.

Carter High’s Lokeni Toailoa looks like he can be one of the good ones at the college level. He’s already one of the top defensive recruits on the west coast and has interest from several national powers as well.

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