Scouting Report: Isaiah Chambers – 2016 Defensive End

Projecting a star high school player to have big time success is always going to be inexact because of the level of competition a player faces is always drastically less than what they are going to experience when playing at the college level. That’s why Isaiah Chambers is someone who is going to be so interesting to watch develop.

He has awesome physical tools, but he so overwhelms the offensive linemen he goes up against that he isn’t challenged very often. He’ll see new challenges at the next level, but he has everything you could ask for in a defensive end to overcome those challenges.

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Scouting Report: Tyrie Cleveland – 2016 Wide Receiver

There were many big time wide receivers at The Opening last month, but the two who jumped out the most to me were Kyle Davis and Tyrie Cleveland.

Forget about the SPARQ score and how well he performed in the testing portion of the event, Cleveland backed it up by making a ton of plays in the 7 on 7 portion of the event. He’s one of the top pass catchers in the nation in this class and should be a big time deep threat at the next level.

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Scouting Report: Justin Madubuike – 2016 Defensive End

Justin Madubuike is listed as a defensive end just about everywhere. And he probably would be one at the next level if he were playing at a college this fall.

He’s not, though. He’s only going to be a senior in high school this season and even if he kicks outside to play this season (he lined up inside as a junior), I think he is likely to grow into an interior player and a very good one at that.

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Scouting Report: Eric Cuffee – 2016 Cornerback

One thing I always have at the top of my mind is that the player that a recruit is now is not the player that he is going to be later. I think that sometimes that gets lost when it comes to evaluating certain prospects.

I can see faults in Waco High cornerback Eric Cuffee‘s game, but I also think those faults are correctable. He also does some things really well and it’s why he is such a highly coveted recruit with offers from in-state schools like Texas and Texas A&M and national programs like Notre Dame and Alabama.

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Scouting Report: Erick Fowler – 2016 Edge Player

Undersized pass rushers need other traits to make them effective and Erick Fowler has all of those traits programs are looking for to make up for him not being the ideal size.

The Manor, Texas native has explosive qualities he can bring off the edge and it’s why he is such a coveted recruit for programs like Texas, LSU, and Alabama.

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Scouting Report: McTelvin Agim – 2016 Defensive End

It’s not uncommon for defensive linemen to wear unconventional numbers at the college or high school level these days, but I can’t remember seeing anyone wear the number 33 before I watched McTelvin Agim.

Based on what I saw, I’m not sure there are too many players who could wear it better playing defensive line. The Hope, Arkansas native is one of the best defensive ends in the nation and possibly my favorite player in the 2016 class that I have broken down so far.

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Scouting Report: Dontavious Jackson – 2016 Linebacker

Whenever there is a linebacker that is as big as Dontavious Jackson is as a high school player, there is always a little bit of worry  that the player may be a little bit tight as an athlete.

It doesn’t take long to watch Jackson and realize that it shouldn’t be a concern. He moves like a much smaller player and still hits like a truck. That’s why he’s one of the top linebacker recruits in the nation.

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Scouting Report: Xavier Kelly – 2016 Edge Player

My favorite part about breaking down recruits is breaking down what they need to improve on. Not because it’s fun to nitpick what they are doing wrong, but because I know that if they do improve in those areas, their ceiling is going to be through the roof.

Xavier Kelly was a Kansas State commit and has been recently blowing up with offers from programs like Oregon, TCU, Michigan, and Notre Dame. He hasn’t even taken the stairs to the second floor yet with his development so he likely has no clue where the ceiling is for himself. It’s way, way up there and that’s why all of these programs are excited about what he can become.

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