Scouting Report: Byron Murphy – 2016 Cornerback

Arizona and Arizona State both appear to be on the rise in college football, but so far that rise on the field has not translated to them keeping all of the top in-state targets home. This year they are going to be in tough to land another great player from Scottsdale, Arizona as Saguaro cornerback Byron Murphy does not appear to have either near the top of his list.

I’m sure they will be working hard to somehow change that though, because Murphy is one of the top cornerbacks out west and may end up being rated as one of the top cornerbacks in the nation before the recruiting process is completed for the class of 2016.

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Scouting Report: Oluwole Betiku – 2016 Defensive End

Players who just start playing football shouldn’t be this good this fast, but Oluwole Betiku is the exception to the rule. He is a physically gifted athlete that is built to be a defensive lineman.

He may already be the top prospect on the west coast and it wouldn’t shock me to see him ultimately end up right up near the top as a top ten player in the nation if he continues to improve at this incredible pace.

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Scouting Report: Jaylon Jones – 2016 Cornerback

College football is a numbers game in that, even with 85 scholarships, there is always juggling going on when it comes to the roster. If a coaching staff misses on recruiting enough players at a position a couple of years in a row, their season could be crippled with one or two injuries at that position.

It’s a big reason why versatility is more valuable than ever in recruiting and it’s what makes Jaylon Jones such coveted recruit. The Allen, Texas native has the skill set to play both safety positions, but he also can line up on the outside as corner and be very effective in man coverage.

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Scouting Report: Nigel Knott – 2016 Cornerback

Maybe my favorite cornerback that I ever watched play was former Ohio State cornerback Antoine Winfield. He was a pretty good cover guy, but there wasn’t anyone who tackled like him at the position. It was like the Buckeyes had another linebacker out on the field.

I saw a little bit of Winfield when I watched Nigel Knott tackle. He’s undersized just like Winfield, but hits harder than some of the top outside linebackers in this recruiting class. The Germantown High (Mississippi) cornerback has a lot of other raw tools to go with that aggressive tackling and that’s why he is considered on the top cornerbacks in the nation.

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Scouting Report: Tren’Davian Dickson – 2016 Wide Receiver

I know there is a lot of talent from Texas every year, but wow, there is a lot of talent in Texas this year. There’s enough to go around that Baylor, TCU, A&M, and Texas could all have monster classes while losing some prospects they’d like to sign to each other on signing day.

Navasota wide receiver Tren’Davian Dickson was committed to Baylor before opening up his recruitment and every school in Texas and beyond had to be happy that they could have another shot to land him. He’s a playmaker that is emerging as one of the top wide receiver recruits in the nation.

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Scouting Report: Jeffrey McCulloch – 2016 Linebakcer

Every talent evaluator loves to mention a players length, but that length means nothing unless a player knows how to use it.

Fortunately, Aldine Davis linebacker Jeffrey McCulloch already knows how to take advantage of the physical gifts he has and it’s one skill that makes him one of the top linebacker prospects in the nation in this recruiting cycle.

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Scouting Report: Rashard Lawrence – 2016 Defensive Tackle

I know a lot of people who are critical of scouting hate when the words special or elite get thrown around when describing players. I really don’t care what they think though.

Rashard Lawrence is elite. He is a special prospect. He has the talent to be an immediate difference maker at the college level and that’s extremely rare. So in this case, elite and special fit him and fit him well.

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Scouting Report: Dontavious Jackson – 2016 Linebacker

Whenever there is a linebacker that is as big as Dontavious Jackson is as a high school player, there is always a little bit of worry  that the player may be a little bit tight as an athlete.

It doesn’t take long to watch Jackson and realize that it shouldn’t be a concern. He moves like a much smaller player and still hits like a truck. That’s why he’s one of the top linebacker recruits in the nation.

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Scouting Report: Dillon Sterling-Cole – 2016 Quarterback

There is the top tier of quarterback recruits where you just need to put on the film for a few throws and can see why a kid has big time offers that quickly. Then there is the next tier of quarterbacks, the ones that flash with some throws, but have enough inconsistencies that most coaches would want to see them throw in person.

Dillon Sterling-Cole is in that next tier and it’s why he has a couple of big time offers (like Texas A&M and Arizona State), but not as many as you would expect from a kid who has already been selected to compete in the Elite 11 and The Opening. The people who selected him did obviously get to see him throw in person and what I could see from the clips, his arm looked a lot more live than it did during his junior season.

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Scouting Report: Devin White – 2016 Athlete

You just need to see Devin White with the ball in his hands running away from a defensive back who has the angle on him to know that he is a special athlete.

How that athleticism at his size is going to fit at the next level is yet to be determined, but the running back/linebacker from North Webster High in Springhill, Louisiana is going to find a fit somewhere on the field for a big time college football program.

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