Scouting Report: Avery Davis – 2017 Quarterback

You can find my scouting report on Avery Davis at Irish Sports Daily ($)

He’s an outstanding athlete with solid footwork in the pocket and a terrific feel for the rush. There are others who look the part more, but he is one of the best dual-threat quarterbacks in this class. He is a scrambler that can gain big chunk yardage with his legs and yet looks to pass first when flushed from the pocket.

Scouting Report: Jaylon Jones – 2016 Cornerback

College football is a numbers game in that, even with 85 scholarships, there is always juggling going on when it comes to the roster. If a coaching staff misses on recruiting enough players at a position a couple of years in a row, their season could be crippled with one or two injuries at that position.

It’s a big reason why versatility is more valuable than ever in recruiting and it’s what makes Jaylon Jones such coveted recruit. The Allen, Texas native has the skill set to play both safety positions, but he also can line up on the outside as corner and be very effective in man coverage.

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Scouting Report: Dontavious Jackson – 2016 Linebacker

Whenever there is a linebacker that is as big as Dontavious Jackson is as a high school player, there is always a little bit of worry  that the player may be a little bit tight as an athlete.

It doesn’t take long to watch Jackson and realize that it shouldn’t be a concern. He moves like a much smaller player and still hits like a truck. That’s why he’s one of the top linebacker recruits in the nation.

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Scouting Report: Kaden Smith – 2016 Tight End

Size. Speed. Strength. Intelligence. All of these are important for a football player.

Sometimes though, all of those things without the nasty can make a player incomplete. Fortunately for tight end Kaden Smith, there is plenty of nasty to his game. It’s that edge that he possesses that puts him over the top as not just a good prospect, but a great one. It’s likely a big reason why he is a national recruit that is being pursued by schools all over the country.

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Scouting Report: Toleafoa “Sean” Auwae – 2016 Guard

Toleafoa “Sean” Auwae went in to The Opening LA regional camp as a fairly unknown prospect with zero power five offers. After winning the offensive line MVP award at the event, he quickly received his first two from Texas Tech and Washington State.

There will be others for the big man from Hawaii. The arrowing is definitely pointing up for Auwae, who still has a long way to go with his development.

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Scouting Report: Javon McKinley – 2016 Wide Receiver

I knew from the time I saw him vs Bishop Gorman last season that Javon McKinley was going to be one of the top receivers on the west coast in this recruiting cycle.

He actually may have been one of the top receivers on the west coast in the 2015 class as well. He’s a big time player that is only going to get better once he gets to the next level.

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Scouting Report: David Bolisomi – 2015 Offensive Tackle

There are always prospects that blow up with offers late in the process and David Bolisomi is one of them in this recruiting cycle. The offensive tackle from Denton, Texas went from under the radar to receiving offers from schools like Arizona State, TCU, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech with that offer list expected to continue to grow.

It’s easy to see why Bolisomi has garnered the attention and why he’ll likely earn more offers before he ultimately decides on a school.

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Scouting Report: Kahlil Haughton – 2015 Safety

Kahlil Haughton was a very good player as a junior and definitely worthy of all the offers he had earned. As a senior, Haughton has emerged as a great player.  The kind of player that can make an impact all over the field in whatever he is asked to do.

The Midway High School product out of Waco, Texas flashes the skills to be an all-around standout at the next level.

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