Scouting Report: Haskell Garrett – 2017 Defensive Tackle

It’s no fluke that Bishop Gorman has emerged as possibly the top high school football program in America over the last couple of seasons. It’s a program with a history of producing talent, but now that talent is even greater than before with studs coming from California and Hawaii to play for the G.

Haskell Garrett is one of those prospects who came from Hawaii and moved to Las Vegas to attend Gorman. It’s been a beneficial move for him as he is already a top prospect and has been able to show he has a bright future as an interior defensive lineman against the top competition Gorman plays every year.

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Scouting Report: Frederick Mauigoa – 2016 Guard

If programs are looking for diamonds in the rough, American Samoa is not a bad place to look. Frederick Mauigoa has already started to shine through with his performance at Opening regionals in Hawaii and Oregon that eventually earned him an invite to The Opening finals next week.

As expected, he is raw, but the tools are there for him to be a good offensive lineman at the next level.

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Scouting Report: Byron Murphy – 2016 Cornerback

Arizona and Arizona State both appear to be on the rise in college football, but so far that rise on the field has not translated to them keeping all of the top in-state targets home. This year they are going to be in tough to land another great player from Scottsdale, Arizona as Saguaro cornerback Byron Murphy does not appear to have either near the top of his list.

I’m sure they will be working hard to somehow change that though, because Murphy is one of the top cornerbacks out west and may end up being rated as one of the top cornerbacks in the nation before the recruiting process is completed for the class of 2016.

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Scouting Report: Chacho Ulloa – 2016 Safety

No matter what other names come up, Chacho Ulloa will definitely make the all name team for the 2016 recruiting class. More importantly than his name, his game on the field is also getting noticed and he has started to pull in bigger offers with Notre Dame and Wisconsin being the latest.

There is nothing “wow” about Ulloa as an athlete. He’s just a damn good football player that would be an asset to any college football program.

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Scouting Report: Devin Asiasi – 2016 Tight End

I’m not sure why more recruiting people aren’t talking about Devin Asiasi.

Perhaps it’s because he is just a part in what is a powerhouse high school football program in De La Salle where there emphasize team over everything else. Maybe it’s because of the position he plays. Tight ends rarely receive high rankings and several teams don’t even have a true tight end in their offensive scheme.

Whatever the reason is, throw it out. More people need to be talking about Asiasi. He’s one of the top prospects in the nation and could be listed as a blue chip recruit on both sides of the football.

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Scouting Report: Matt Fink – 2016 Quarterback

Scheme fit is important for every prospect, but having a quarterback that doesn’t fit the scheme you want to run is basically a wasted scholarship.

When I watched Matt Fink‘s film, all I could think about is how important it is for him to be put in the right scheme in order for him to succeed. He may develop into a quarterback that can fit into any scheme, but for right now he needs to go to a program that can take advantage of his athletic talent.

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Scouting Report: Curtis Robinson – 2016 Linebacker

For many years now, any kind of base defense in football has involved a front of seven defenders. That is still the case for the most part, although nickel defenses are more prevalent than ever.

A lot of defensive coordinators are looking for the best of both worlds. That means nickel linebackers. That is exactly what Mater Dei’s Curtis Robinson is: an out of the box linebacker that is athletic enough to never leave the field.

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Scouting Report: C.J. Pollard – 2016 Safety

Position switches can happen often in the secondary, but typically corners end up moving to safety. Watching J Serra’s C.J. Pollard and I think the opposite switch might end up happening to him at the next level. is the only major recruiting service that rates him as a cornerback and I am leaning towards to what they are thinking based what I saw from him on film. The highly rated safety may ultimately end up as a highly rated cornerback.

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Scouting Report: Toleafoa “Sean” Auwae – 2016 Guard

Toleafoa “Sean” Auwae went in to The Opening LA regional camp as a fairly unknown prospect with zero power five offers. After winning the offensive line MVP award at the event, he quickly received his first two from Texas Tech and Washington State.

There will be others for the big man from Hawaii. The arrowing is definitely pointing up for Auwae, who still has a long way to go with his development.

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Scouting Report: Krys Barnes – 2016 Linebacker

Kyrs Barnes has become one of the fastest rising linebacker prospects on the west coast and parlayed his season as a junior and a great performance at The Opening regionals in LA to an invitation to The Opening finals in July.

He has an old school physical mentality to playing the linebacker position and is a fun player to watch on film.

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