Scouting Report: Ty Storey – 2015 Quarterback


As a sophomore, Charleston (Ark) quarterback Ty Storey was inconsistent in his mechanics, accuracy, and his footwork with flashes of brilliances. As a junior, Storey was simply brilliant. He improved in just about every area to become one of the elite quarterbacks in this recruiting class and is a huge in-state pickup for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 216

Athletic ability/measurables

Storey is not a gifted athlete, but his mobility within the pocket is good. Size is not an issue with him. He is already built like someone who can play quarterback in the SEC tomorrow.


I know I mentioned it at the top of this post already, but the jump in Storey’s play was significant from his sophomore to his junior year. That isn’t that rare for most quarterbacks, but it was truly drastic for Storey.

Storey has very good arm strength. He’s not afraid to fit the ball in tight windows because of it and doing that also really showcases his accuracy. He delivers the ball in stride to receivers and also knows when to take a bit off of it.

He shows really good feet in the pocket and slides well to avoid pressure. He is balanced and his feet are good most of the time, but at no time is he better mechanically than when he gets to roll out of the pocket and throw on the run. He is very accurate and throws the ball with great zip and it all has to do with his mechanics.

There were only two things that stood out as issues on his film for me. On out routes to his left, he fades away a bit rather than stepping into his throw causing him to lose velocity on the ball. If those footballs hang and are slow getting their in the SEC, they might end up being picked and taken the other way for six. The other thing that stood out is that he sometimes left the pocket earlier than he needed to even though it was clean around him. He needs to trust his protection more because he was the one who was the direct cause of the pressure on himself on those particular plays.

Both of these things can be corrected though. I really like what I saw from Storey and the things he can do with the football.

Scheme fit

He plays in a shotgun spread scheme in high school and that couldn’t be more different than what Brett Bielema runs at Arkansas. It would be foolish to think that he wouldn’t have an adjustment with a different offense, but there is nothing to suggest that he wouldn’t do well in a more pro-style offense that utilizes play-action passes a lot more.


Storey has the potential to be the best quarterback that Bielema has ever coached other than Russell Wilson. The difference is that Bielema will have Storey for four years rather than one. I’m of the opinion that no quarterback should play too early in his career, but Storey could shoot up the depth chart at Arkansas once he gets on campus. It won’t happen overnight, but he has the chance to develop into the one of the best quarterbacks in the SEC.

Recruiting Site Position Position Rank Stars
Rivals PS-QB 16 4
Scout QB 12 4
247 Sports PS-QB 8 4

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